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What not to do when you are in Kerala?


Kerala… This part of the world is extremely romantic and its lush green forests and brackish backwaters make for an exuberant corner for romance and sightseeing. However, the best way to spend your days in …

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5 reasons to explore London


-Glorious history of London-

Glorious history shroud Britain capital, London. Apart from being the most cosmopolitan worldwide, it is endowed with different attractions and museums. Notably, London has lasted for more than 200 years and embraces both natural and cultural environment. Activities done in order to preserve both natural and cultural environment attract many tourists. Below are the top 5 Eco-Tourism attraction found in London.


Reason 1: the amazing the London Eye

Located near River Thames is the world’s largest ferries wheel. Its height is 1.5 times that of Liberty Statue. A ride (‘flight’) half an hour and provides a spectacular view to a 40km radius.
The London eye was opened in 2000 in celebration of the millennium. Originally, it was intended last for a while but it is scheduled to last until 2025.It is the UK’s most attractive site and is visited by three 3.5 million people annually.

Reason 2: The London Aquarium

Located in the County Hall, on the south of River Thames, is the London Aquarium. It contains 2 thousand cubic meters of water and 350 fish species, representing world oceans.4 different types of shark are contained in the Pacific tank. The Atlantic tank contains plaice trout and eels. Indian ocean tank contains clown fish. There are red eared terrapins and red-berried piranhas from North America and South America respectively.

Reason 3: the wonderful the Thames

Different buildings are found along the Thames. London looks different from water view but the look gives a great sense on its history. Companies provide boat rides along River Thames, or across it. A stretch running from Tower and Westminster Pier Hill is the most popular, with boats leaving at regular basis. Tourist have no transport problem as there is the transport for London phone number that was formed in 3rd July,2000.This number helps Greater London Authority manage all activities of greater London transport system.
Visitors tour Greenwich, London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tate Modern, Tower Bridge, Oxon Tower and Globe Theatre.

Reason 4: The beautiful Shakespeare’s Globe

This is the reconstruction of the original 16th century theatre of Shakespeare’s first performances. It has a thatched roof and open air pit where audiences sit to enjoy a play just like others did 400 years ago. This theatre was destroyed in 1613 during a performance. The thirteen is operational between May and October which includes Shakespeare’s and that of his followers and modern playwrights. Opening throughout the year are events for education, visits and exhibitions on Shakespeare’s London and Elizabeth theatre and buildings. Exploring London in car is an amazing experience, so before you rent a car make sure you have provisional license with you and have all necessary documents to explore on London’s roads.

Reason 5: The famous London Zoo

This zoo was opened in 1828 and is a home to over 760 species-majority being endangered. It is therefore the world’s oldest scientific zoo. There are 15,000 animals which are found in England. Visitors enjoy watching animal feeding programs and talks from the animal keepers. Children have their section that is packed with children activities like the drench area-a place where children play in mini-stream and get to understand the importance of water to the environment. There is also a petting zoo where kids feed and pet animals like sheep, donkeys’ pigs and others. Butterflies from all over the world are collected in this zoo; a section that was established in 1981.There is a rain forest section that provides a tropical feeling. This looks like a re-created South American rain forest.

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