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The Electrifying Nightlife in London

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When it comes to the most exciting nightlife that cities offer all over the world, London is one of the most energetic and vibrant cities to be in.

Locating the right club for an unforgettable night out in London is not a difficult task as long as you are familiar with what you are looking for. From techno, hip hop, jazz or house, every neighbourhood in London offers a slightly different vibe but is definitely a kick start for the day. The best part of partying in London is that there are a range of clubs to choose from which clearly depends on your status or your mood. They range from VIP clubs to the normal jeans and t-shirt ones where they don’t actually care about your attire.

There are however clubs that are strict about the kind of music that they play while some clubs dedicate each day to some genre of music that will gather the crowd. You can always check with a few locals before heading out. If you are in the mood to bump into some celebrities, then you should be ready for the VIP venues. Soho is the area that is famed for these venues with ‘Project’ and ‘Cirque Du Soir’ while some of the top gay clubs are also found in this neighbourhood.

There are a number of super exclusive clubs while exquisite member clubs are quite difficult to get in unless you are in the guest list or a star. Some of the exclusive VIP clubs in London include ‘Amika’, ‘Maddox’ and ‘Cuckoo’. For a more tourist oriented experience, you can head towards Leicester Square while you can also explore some of the famous sites of Piccadilly Circus.

Royal Albert Hall LondonRoyal Albert Hall, London (Photo: Wikipedia)

The live music scene in London is always a blast. From the Royal Albert Hall offering classical masterpieces to the Hammersmith Apollo for the rockers out there, there are a huge number of venues that organize concerts on a weekly or daily basis.

All around London, you will find a large number of traditional pubs with bizarre names. These are the best venues to enjoy the best authentic British pub experience. South Kensington and Walton Street are the best venues if you are looking for a trendy upmarket experience. The ‘Nightjar’ is one of London’s best cocktail bars that should not be missed.

London also offers a number of late night dining options. The range of venues offers you the best when it comes to curry dishes including tandoori. Soho offers some of the best Italian cuisine while you can enjoy fresh pastas and delicious cappuccinos. There is also gourmet food available in a number of places from burgers to vegetarian dishes. Another important dish in London’s late night cuisine is the Kebab. The standard fish and chips are also available in most places but you have to try the kebabs along with some mouth watering Middle Eastern food. So after a night out exploring and partying in London, you will not have to worry about food options.

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